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Flower shop "Mini" is floristic and artistic shop opened in 1997. g. in Korenica.

  • Owner Mira Ćesir built a special, recognizable and distinctive style that persistently cherished, dealing with floriculture for more than 20 years, and constantly seeking new media and opportunities, while abiding to a very high aesthetic criteria. Serious and reliable business partner who can meet the needs and wishes most refined clients, as a confirmation of the business orientation of professionalism, talent and originality, testifies entering in the Golden Book of the Croatian Craftsmen in 2003. year. With constant work and dedication to the profession she was constantly improved herself at numerous seminars, as well as she attended a school of flower design by renowned Dutch florists Cornelius Veldhuis.
  • Offer of the "Mini" flower shop is ideal, because Mrs. Ćesir with equal care skilfully creates flower arrangements from all segments of floriculture. All kinds of arrangements for all occasions (from wedding to funeral!), Mrs.Ćesir easily creates from all kinds of flowers (fresh, silk, dry) and florist materials, making them original works of art that leaves you breathless! Arrangements and bouquets made in flower shop "Mini" are special and unique, because to each arrangeing is given maximum attention. Following the latest trends in decorating and by listening to your wishes Mrs.Ćesir is allways ready to assist you with the professional advice and discussing flower decoration for any occasion.
  • In all business and other occasions make your exclusive interior decoration of a fresh, dried or silk flowers, artificial plants room, ... In addition to flowers, a great love of Mrs.Ćesir is painting, which is also tradition, which is more than 20 year old, and her paintings reflect abiding source of inspiration and amazing creativity! Only recently she decided to publicly show their works, after persuasion and insisting of close friends and relatives, so she made two exhibition of paintings (2006. and 2007.) in the city library of Korenica town. Her works have been judged with very good criticism ..... see for yourself!
  • Thank you for visiting this flower shop page, where you can see my works in different categories, and offer that always expands! - Gđa.Mira Ćesir All orders can be made to listed phone numbers or personally with us in flower shop.

Cvjećarna Mini - Trg Sv. Jurja bb - 53230 Korenica - E-mail: - GSM: 099/454-6049; 091/5362-513